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video conferencingIn today’s marketplace, instant communication and meetings that cross oceans and continents are essential to many successful operations.  Video conferencing is an especially ideal way to conduct business with associates that are too far away to meet in person.

Envision is pleased to offer a complete solution for all of your video conferencing needs.  We work with advanced technology from Logitech, leveraging their family of products for Conference Rooms, Desktops and Mobile Devices.  We ultimately provide our clients with the tools they need to conduct productive video conferences.  It’s our pleasure to assist and support clients in Honolulu and across Hawaii.

Going beyond allowing you to do more business with a global network, Envision’s service potentially increases your ROI. Conducting meetings via video opens doors for new opportunities, yet costs you nothing as far as travel and lodging.  You’ll also save time that might have been spent commuting. While telephones may do some of this for business, they do not facilitate the same exchange of information that video does.  With video, you can see faces, better interpret tone and even read lips, if need be.

Quality video conferencing requires specific equipment, including cameras, microphones, speakers, monitors and a codec.  From design to installation to maintenance, you’ll have the support of our highly experienced team.

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s communication with high tech video conferencing tools and systems from Envision.  Count on us for everything you need, including ’round the clock assistance.  We look forward to making you one of our satisfied Honolulu, Hawaii clients.

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