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Architects and Contractors have trusted Envision’s cabling expertise and experience on all Hawaiian Islands with projects large or small.  Regardless of a client’s core business sector (industry, healthcare, hospitality, etc.), today’s convergence of voice and data communications equipment poses additional challenges for cable media and conduit infrastructure design.  As communication systems increase in sophistication, the methods and medias used for connecting various devices to both centralized and distributed systems have also advanced.  Cable and conduit infrastructures that support new development, existing structures, or renovations and additions require careful evaluation and planning.

While telephone system cable planning and installation techniques have not drastically changed over the past several years, the addition of data communications, video distribution, and other peripheral systems has placed greater demand on the cabling media and the supporting conduit infrastructure.  Management issues include:

  • Can cost savings be realized through a common cabling media?
  • What types of cable and cable distribution facilities are available to meet the organization’s specific applications and requirements?
  • Should existing cabling and termination equipment be reused for new applications?
  • What level of on-going moves, adds, and changes should your organization plan for, and how will this affect the cabling infrastructure?
  • What are the cost, performance, and operational considerations?
  • What building and electrical codes must be met for your applications?

Envision provides assistance to clients in all functional areas of selecting and implementing a cabling media and conduit design.  We have in-depth experience in the design and implementation of cabling mediums and cable distribution systems which support voice, data, and video applications.  These include:

  • Twisted-copper  Cat6 (shielded and unshielded)
  • Coaxial and Twinaxial cable (broadband and baseband)
  • Optical Fiber cable (single and multimode)
  • GPON – Gigabit Passive Optical Network

Our staff professionals analyze a client’s objectives, industry trends, and practical applications to develop an efficient and effective infrastructure design.

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